Retreat is NOT the word you imagine…

Hello - I am leaving on a work retreat this morning. People tend to think of work retreats as fun and things to do and camaraderie of each other.  Well that is part of it (dare I say the worst part for me) and the other part is work. WE are developing a strategic plan … Continue reading Retreat is NOT the word you imagine…


**This may be a trigger for some. Please be advised and be safe** I hate my body. I know, that is not earth shattering information. Many of us do. But today, I felt absolutely disgusted with my body. I wanted to vomit. If if could have,  I would. I have not work a bathing suit … Continue reading BODY IMAGE SUCKS!!!!!!

Trying to Climb out of the Hole

I had a good weekend with my grandson. His sweet little ways helped me from falling further into the hole. For those moments. I saw my daughter and son-in-law and my other grandson and we enjoyed laughing and a having a meal together. The family togetherness pulled me out of the hole. For that moment. … Continue reading Trying to Climb out of the Hole

Pushing the Darkness Away

I awaken at 7:00am - not bad for a Saturday. I want to just stay under the covers and do... NOTHING. But so far so good. I have made my coffee, put my clothes in the dryer and started the dishwasher. I want this to be a good day. I am getting my grandson overnight … Continue reading Pushing the Darkness Away