Consumed by a Dying Plant

Hello! My office has a cactus - I mean a REALLY BIG cactus. When we moved in I decided to name him Zeus since he has such a prominent spot in our location and is so powerful and almost like a God of Cacti!!!. (see pic below). Most everyone wanted to get rid of him, … Continue reading Consumed by a Dying Plant

Weekend – lonely, depressed, tired? What?

Hell, I hate myself sometimes. I can't figure myself out and I am 51 years old!!!  One day I think I am feeling a bit more positive and the next I have slipped back in my hole. I think I feel more comfortable in my hole yjan other places, but I shouldn't be. I should … Continue reading Weekend – lonely, depressed, tired? What?

Crying over a driver’s test?

Yes, that is me, the blubbery mama of 4 - my baby is taking his driver's test today. It seems rather silly, but it is just one more step towards seeing my children leave me. My 18 year old son moved out two weeks ago and my girls are both living their own lives. As  … Continue reading Crying over a driver’s test?