Did Somebody Just Hit Me????

Quotes hit me in different ways at different times. I have a few Facebook pages that I administer for mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) specifically. I was looking for some quotes to post this morning, positive ones, when this popped on my screen and felt like it grabbed me and punched me in the … Continue reading Did Somebody Just Hit Me????

Rain Making me Sad yet also Content..

Hello I woke up to the sound of rain. I love the sound. It brings me peace and calm. And being it Saturday I didn't have to rush of to work. I am just WITH the rain. Trouble is, the rain makes me sad as well. I start thinking about the past, the future, the … Continue reading Rain Making me Sad yet also Content..

Consumed by a Dying Plant

Hello! My office has a cactus - I mean a REALLY BIG cactus. When we moved in I decided to name him Zeus since he has such a prominent spot in our location and is so powerful and almost like a God of Cacti!!!. (see pic below). Most everyone wanted to get rid of him, … Continue reading Consumed by a Dying Plant

Weekend – lonely, depressed, tired? What?

Hell, I hate myself sometimes. I can't figure myself out and I am 51 years old!!!  One day I think I am feeling a bit more positive and the next I have slipped back in my hole. I think I feel more comfortable in my hole yjan other places, but I shouldn't be. I should … Continue reading Weekend – lonely, depressed, tired? What?

I Can’t Take It!!!!

The NOISE in my office - I can't take it. I work in a very busy place, and a very LOUD place.  My saving grace is the window that I can look out on the world and try to escape in my mind. That I have discovered quiet music on Spotify that can drown a … Continue reading I Can’t Take It!!!!

Anniversaries and depression

Today is the first day of spring. It is also my wedding anniversary. I was married 25 years ago today. I was divorced 13 years ago this May. I have been down for a few months for a variety of reasons, but today just added to the mix. I made a very regretful choice that … Continue reading Anniversaries and depression

Sleep doesn’t help a soul that’s tired…

I saw a quote with similar words about a tired soul the other day. I am so up and down in my moods I cannot take it any more. I feel so tired, but I know it's not for lack of sleep. I just get tired of fighting. Fighting for what, I do not know. … Continue reading Sleep doesn’t help a soul that’s tired…