Upside Down and all Around..

I had to get out of my house today. While I hate being in the chaos of work, I knew that I had to get myself out of the darkness and loneliness of my house. I decided to yes, come into work today!  I had nothing else to do (that wouldn't cost money or time … Continue reading Upside Down and all Around..

I Can’t Take It!!!!

The NOISE in my office - I can't take it. I work in a very busy place, and a very LOUD place.  My saving grace is the window that I can look out on the world and try to escape in my mind. That I have discovered quiet music on Spotify that can drown a … Continue reading I Can’t Take It!!!!

Close the Blinds…

I was talking to my mom yesterday. She and my step-father had gone to have dinner with a friend who's best friend had just passed away. While I know that Suzanne can be awfully gruff with her talking, I guess she was exceptionally "Raw" on that evening. I reminded my mom that she is dealing … Continue reading Close the Blinds…

Pushing the Darkness Away

I awaken at 7:00am - not bad for a Saturday. I want to just stay under the covers and do... NOTHING. But so far so good. I have made my coffee, put my clothes in the dryer and started the dishwasher. I want this to be a good day. I am getting my grandson overnight … Continue reading Pushing the Darkness Away