Consumed by a Dying Plant

Hello! My office has a cactus - I mean a REALLY BIG cactus. When we moved in I decided to name him Zeus since he has such a prominent spot in our location and is so powerful and almost like a God of Cacti!!!. (see pic below). Most everyone wanted to get rid of him, … Continue reading Consumed by a Dying Plant

When the Moment Sucks!!

One of the hardest things to live with in life and even more so when we struggle with mental illness is the with the Moment with the moment plain and simple sucks!!  I try and be mindful of something within that moment, try to talk myself through that moment, or just try and let … Continue reading When the Moment Sucks!!

The Dread of the Pavement

I used to be almost unable to drive on the freeway. That blinding panic that would take hold when I merged onto the roads brought such fear. Through therapy and medication I have even able to control that utter panic of drive by on freeways Not today. Today I hopped on a freeway in a … Continue reading The Dread of the Pavement

I Can’t Take It!!!!

The NOISE in my office - I can't take it. I work in a very busy place, and a very LOUD place.  My saving grace is the window that I can look out on the world and try to escape in my mind. That I have discovered quiet music on Spotify that can drown a … Continue reading I Can’t Take It!!!!

Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

I am sitting in a breakfast may know the kind..I am staying at a hotel and it is the morning free breakfast time. Thankfully the food is good but I feel so alone. But funny me I wouldn't want anyone with me unless it were one of my kids. I am dreading going to … Continue reading Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

Flying – nervous? Just the pre-flying!

I am getting ready to drive to the airport. I am not nervous. Hahahaha, that is a joke!!! But I am not toooooo nervous. It's not the flying that make me nervous; it's the packing, making sure I don't forget my medications, figuring out my clothes (this is a business trip), getting to the airport, … Continue reading Flying – nervous? Just the pre-flying!

Exhasted but got through it..

I survived the work retreat. I think my own mind made it worse than it needed to be but I couldn't help it. The social nature of 9 of us being together was just tooooo much. Almost. If it had totally sent me over edge I wouldn't be sitting here, calmly typing this.  Don't get … Continue reading Exhasted but got through it..