Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

I am sitting in a breakfast place..you may know the kind..I am staying at a hotel and it is the morning free breakfast time. Thankfully the food is good but I feel so alone. But funny me I wouldn't want anyone with me unless it were one of my kids. I am dreading going to … Continue reading Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

Flying – nervous? Just the pre-flying!

I am getting ready to drive to the airport. I am not nervous. Hahahaha, that is a joke!!! But I am not toooooo nervous. It's not the flying that make me nervous; it's the packing, making sure I don't forget my medications, figuring out my clothes (this is a business trip), getting to the airport, … Continue reading Flying – nervous? Just the pre-flying!

Exhasted but got through it..

I survived the work retreat. I think my own mind made it worse than it needed to be but I couldn't help it. The social nature of 9 of us being together was just tooooo much. Almost. If it had totally sent me over edge I wouldn't be sitting here, calmly typing this.  Don't get … Continue reading Exhasted but got through it..

Retreat is NOT the word you imagine…

Hello - I am leaving on a work retreat this morning. People tend to think of work retreats as fun and things to do and camaraderie of each other.  Well that is part of it (dare I say the worst part for me) and the other part is work. WE are developing a strategic plan … Continue reading Retreat is NOT the word you imagine…