The Dread of the Pavement

I used to be almost unable to drive on the freeway. That blinding panic that would take hold when I merged onto the roads brought such fear. Through therapy and medication I have even able to control that utter panic of drive by on freeways Not today. Today I hopped on a freeway in a … Continue reading The Dread of the Pavement

I Can’t Take It!!!!

The NOISE in my office - I can't take it. I work in a very busy place, and a very LOUD place.  My saving grace is the window that I can look out on the world and try to escape in my mind. That I have discovered quiet music on Spotify that can drown a … Continue reading I Can’t Take It!!!!

Anniversaries and depression

Today is the first day of spring. It is also my wedding anniversary. I was married 25 years ago today. I was divorced 13 years ago this May. I have been down for a few months for a variety of reasons, but today just added to the mix. I made a very regretful choice that … Continue reading Anniversaries and depression

Sleep doesn’t help a soul that’s tired…

I saw a quote with similar words about a tired soul the other day. I am so up and down in my moods I cannot take it any more. I feel so tired, but I know it's not for lack of sleep. I just get tired of fighting. Fighting for what, I do not know. … Continue reading Sleep doesn’t help a soul that’s tired…

Close the Blinds…

I was talking to my mom yesterday. She and my step-father had gone to have dinner with a friend who's best friend had just passed away. While I know that Suzanne can be awfully gruff with her talking, I guess she was exceptionally "Raw" on that evening. I reminded my mom that she is dealing … Continue reading Close the Blinds…

Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

I am sitting in a breakfast may know the kind..I am staying at a hotel and it is the morning free breakfast time. Thankfully the food is good but I feel so alone. But funny me I wouldn't want anyone with me unless it were one of my kids. I am dreading going to … Continue reading Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

Flying – nervous? Just the pre-flying!

I am getting ready to drive to the airport. I am not nervous. Hahahaha, that is a joke!!! But I am not toooooo nervous. It's not the flying that make me nervous; it's the packing, making sure I don't forget my medications, figuring out my clothes (this is a business trip), getting to the airport, … Continue reading Flying – nervous? Just the pre-flying!