Rain Making me Sad yet also Content..


I woke up to the sound of rain. I love the sound. It brings me peace and calm. And being it Saturday I didn’t have to rush of to work. I am just WITH the rain.

Trouble is, the rain makes me sad as well. I start thinking about the past, the future, the now. Where my life messed up and where my futurue looks bleak. I know I should focus on the moment. I will try and do so. But there is something about the grey skies and rain coming down that makes my emotions all over the place.


But then again, my emotions get all over the place quite often!!

So for this moment, I will enjoy looking out my rainy window. I will hope that the rain will never end, but when it does, I will focus on the next moment and look for positives.

God, it’s exhausting.

Thanks for reading

Jackie W.

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