Consumed by a Dying Plant

Hello! My office has a cactus – I mean a REALLY BIG cactus. When we moved in I decided to name him Zeus since he has such a prominent spot in our location and is so powerful and almost like a God of Cacti!!!. (see pic below). Most everyone wanted to get rid of him, but I, along with one coworker fought hard for his life. I am usually not so attached to plants, but this guy, I am .


If you cannot already tell, Zeus is amazing! He has probably been part of this building for over 20 years, grown from a baby to climb all the way up to the second floor. He is quite amazing.

But Zeus, is dying. I mean really dying.

I told everyone a year and half ago not to water him. That I would care for him. People, obviously wanting to make sure that  he would get watered, gave him water.

And tooooo much of it. I was on medical leave for 2 months and came back to Zeus losing most of his ability to hang on to life, though he is trying.

His base is almost dead. It brings me literally to tears every day I come into to work. I am trying desperately to save him, but I am losing hope.

Yesterday I did cut one of the arms off that are way up high to hopefully replant and still have a part of him.

Is it ridiculous to have such feelings – for a plant?  I have obsessive thoughts about his well being and I am in a panic that I will arrive early one morning (I am always in first) to see him crashed to the ground. Dead. Round and round the thoughts go, spinning almost out of control.

I wish I wasn’t so emotional about this. I wish my mind wouldn’t swirl around with all of the terrible thoughts of his demise. I worry that he is hurting inside. Who knows honestly what live breed inside of a plant.

So I will keep fighting for Zeus, hoping that I can make a difference.

Thanks for reading.

Jackie W.

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