The Dread of the Pavement

I used to be almost unable to drive on the freeway. That blinding panic that would take hold when I merged onto the roads brought such fear. Through therapy and medication I have even able to control that utter panic of drive by on freeways

Not today.

Today I hopped on a freeway in a direction that I wasn’t used to. I basically knew where I was going but all of a sudden it hit… the heart thumping a hundred miles and hour, the vertigo kicking in, the sense of panic that I couldn’t get off the road to safety. Semi trucks running past me. Ugh!


But somewhere in my mind or heart I knew I would be ok.

I continued on my journey, 30 miles until, thank God my exit loomed ahead of me. I was able to take the exit and breathe several sighs of relief.

It wasn’t as bad as the old days!


While I know I will wrestle with panic while driving throughout my life , I know that for the most part I am ok.

For the most part.

And I can pat myself on the back for the most part. And I have learned to trust that I will make it through these panic times of driving.

Until some un-learning kicks in.

Thanks for reading

Jackie W.

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