Feeling lonely? Noooooo!

I am sitting in a breakfast place..you may know the kind..I am staying at a hotel and it is the morning free breakfast time. Thankfully the food is good but I feel so alone. But funny me I wouldn’t want anyone with me unless it were one of my kids.

I am dreading going to this meeting today. It looks like most of the agenda is just listening to people which I can handle. I have a coworker showing up in about an hour. I guess I should enjoy my Peace for now because she talks,

A lot!!

She is very kind hearted and nice, but I can tire of the constant need to communicate. This, right now is my Space from the meeting and from people , so damnit I better stop feeling lonely!!!!

I know another day of my life will go by and I will be ok. I have Ativan in my purse if things get rough.

I just picture being home in my room, my messy sanctuary and letting my mind do what ever it may do. Problem is, that “whatever” thinking has gotten me in trouble: depression, self harm, racing thoughts. It sucks.

My therapist made a small suggestion to talk to the psychiatrist. Meds can change over time. Hmmmm I might think about that.

But not today.

Thank you for reading and take care.

Jackie W.

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