Exhasted but got through it..

I survived the work retreat. I think my own mind made it worse than it needed to be but I couldn’t help it. The social nature of 9 of us being together was just tooooo much.


If it had totally sent me over edge I wouldn’t be sitting here, calmly typing this.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great bunch of people and where we stayed was beautiful. I should have been happier.  But I wasn’t. My physical body was hurting all the time so that took a toll on me being able to do much with the rest of the group in regards to walking or getting out and about. I suppose I could have gotten in the hot tub, but EEK, no way was I about to do that.

My mental self was on sensory overload, almost the entire time. From first waking up (thank goodness I had my own room) to being around everyone pretty much 2 1/2 days straight was so depleting. I wish I could be one of those people who could handle the noise, join in on the laughing and goofy games, but I am not.


I hope everyone else at the work retreat understood, or at least didn’t judge me for my preference to not talk much and lay down in my room in the middle of the day just to get away. I hope they didn’t think I was weird, or rude.

But it’s over now. I am home, I quickly put my comfy clothes on and am trying to rest – both my mind and body.

So yes, I made it through the work retreat. Am I proud of myself? No, but I am also not feeling guilty about being who I am.

At least not too much.

Thank you for reading.

Jackie W.

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