**This may be a trigger for some. Please be advised and be safe** I hate my body. I know, that is not earth shattering information. Many of us do. But today, I felt absolutely disgusted with my body. I wanted to vomit. If if could have,  I would. I have not work a bathing suit … Continue reading BODY IMAGE SUCKS!!!!!!

Trying to Climb out of the Hole

I had a good weekend with my grandson. His sweet little ways helped me from falling further into the hole. For those moments. I saw my daughter and son-in-law and my other grandson and we enjoyed laughing and a having a meal together. The family togetherness pulled me out of the hole. For that moment. … Continue reading Trying to Climb out of the Hole

Pushing the Darkness Away

I awaken at 7:00am - not bad for a Saturday. I want to just stay under the covers and do... NOTHING. But so far so good. I have made my coffee, put my clothes in the dryer and started the dishwasher. I want this to be a good day. I am getting my grandson overnight … Continue reading Pushing the Darkness Away

Frustrations…and sweetness

I am at work and I get so frustrated. I can’t focus. I have this semi important job, and I can’t focus. I am allll over the place. I know there are a lot of great things about where I work and I try and remember that. I just have a hard time handling the … Continue reading Frustrations…and sweetness

Crying over a driver’s test?

Yes, that is me, the blubbery mama of 4 - my baby is taking his driver's test today. It seems rather silly, but it is just one more step towards seeing my children leave me. My 18 year old son moved out two weeks ago and my girls are both living their own lives. As  … Continue reading Crying over a driver’s test?

These are my words…however they come out

I have to start another blog site and it's because I cannot feel I can be completely real on the other one. I am enjoying blogging but when there are days or weeks or moments that just suck, I want to be able to get the words out and share them. With someone. Anybody. Except … Continue reading These are my words…however they come out